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Ephemera Exotics LLC

"Licorice" 8-10" GFP Wildtype Male Adult

"Licorice" 8-10" GFP Wildtype Male Adult

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“Licorice” (Formerly “Tayen”) – GFP Wildtype
Hatched: 9/1/2023
Rocky Mountain Axolotls LLC “Fiona” x “Drustan” Clutch
Mother: “Fiona” Melanoid het lucy and copper (albino and axanthic have been
tested and ruled out) Hatched 11/2021 - Produced by Onyxolotl and raised by
Parents: “Jaelyn” Mel het albino (Onyxolotl) & “name unknown” GFP Mel
het axanthic, copper, and lucy (Rainy Day Aquatics)

Father: “Drustan” GFP Albino het copper mel and lucy (Happy Hart Axolotls)
Hatched: 4/2022
Parents: “Ursula” GFP Lucy het albino (Beka Arndt) Hatched 5/2020 –
“Ursula’s” parents were GFP Lucy het albino & GFP Golden Albino het lucy
and mel. “Pinto Bean” Dirty melanoid lucy het albino (Orions Axolotls)
Hatched 2/2021 – “Pinto Bean’s” parents were Dirty lucy het mel and
albino (local FL breeder) & Dark gill dirty lucy het mel white and axanthic
(Kloudnine Axolotls)

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