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Ephemera Exotics LLC

"Sunfire" & "Lemon-Lime" 4-5" GFP Axanthic Leucistic Juvenile

"Sunfire" & "Lemon-Lime" 4-5" GFP Axanthic Leucistic Juvenile

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Gillywater Aquatics

Laid: 12/30/2023 Hatched: 1/21/2024

Mom- “Space Monkey” GFP axanthic (Gillywater) first clutch

Parents: Wildtype het axanthic, mel and lucy & GFP lucy het axanthic, mel, and copper (Nicole Punkadoo)

Dad- “Toupee AKA Vice Principal Comb-Over” Axanthic/lucy mosaic (Gillywater)

Parents: Lucy het axanthic, mel, albino, and copper & Axanthic het mel, albino, lucy and copper (Happy Axolotls)

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