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"Noir" 4-5" GFP Axanthic Juvenile

"Noir" 4-5" GFP Axanthic Juvenile

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Louisville Axolotls

Laid: 1/1/2024 Hatched: 1/20/2024

Previous clutch hatched 3/15/2023 – white albinos, golden albinos, axanthics, mels, wilds with 2 subtle mosaics.

Mom- “Nessie” Starburst GFP wildtype het white and mel. 3rd clutch. (Strohl’s Herptiles)

Dad- “R. Jeremy AKA RJ” Moonburst copper het  mel, axanthic, and lucy (2nd gen Louisville Axolotl) hatched Nov 2021

                Parents: “Cupid” High iridophore white albino (Northern Axolotls) & “Vishnu” Axanthic (Strohl’s Herptiles) From Strohl’s white axanthic line with no cross relation to “Nessie”

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